Friday, October 24, 2014

I like my sketchbooks like I like my dinner: Cheap & Easy!

Third - Fifth grade make and keep their own sketchbooks in the art room for the entire year. Their
sketchbooks hold mini lessons, assignment pages, and rubrics.  I always wanted something to hold their papers, but would also give them the opportunity to add projects, sketch, & color.

Several years ago a brilliant colleague of mine suggested using prong fasteners with a 2 hole
punch.  I now 2-hole punch every handout, worksheet, & mini lesson I pass out.  The students learned quickly how to open and close their prong fastener. We decorate our covers (usually heavy tag) and do not have a back cover.  We just open the prongs and add new sheets as we get them.

yes, I chose this sketchbook because of the corner sun.

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