Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fun morning with Keith Haring and Roll a Haring free download

Second grade was supposed to start "People in Action" today.  This pivotal lesson teaches how to draw a human and how to make the body parts look like they are moving.  It has always been a part of my second grade curriculum and I refer to it a lot through the next few years of elementary school.

Well, I had seven kids out sick.  They were dropping like flies today.  I like to tie-in some Keith Haring with this unit, so I sort of skipped ahead.  I showed the class several of Keith Haring's paintings.  We discussed the action, the lines, the colors and talked about how the pictures made us feel.  Next, the class got to make their own Haring inspired picture by playing "Roll a Haring!"

I do not know what website I got the original document from, but it is pretty fun and easy to follow.  The kids roll their dice and pick a head from the corresponding number in the head column, roll again, have a torso, etc.

Then we traced our pictures with Sharpie, and colored with crayons!

They turned out so cute I had to get a group shot!  

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