Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Successful art projects at a birthday party? Yes! Art Party: Pirate Theme

I started hosting birthday parties at my studio, No Corner Suns.  But, I don't want families to come to an art studio and get a blah blah run of the mill cookie cutter project for the kids to make.  I want it to be an art lesson!  I want the kids to make choices and find success, learn, and enjoy what they are doing.  
In anticipation of more parties being booked at No Corner Suns, (fingers crossed) I started preemptively planning party themed lessons.  Welcome to Art Party! 

For one class, we concentrated on Pirates!  We made these really cute pirate hats as our warm-up.  I taught the kids how to make a skull & cross bones, but they could decorate them any way that they liked.

For our project, we made Treasure Maps!  This involved a few visuals and I brought a few books for the kids to look at.  My fun little group was 1st - 6th graders, and they all had fun!

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