Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Draft Folder Clean up: Harry K. Wong, Love & Logic, and "I" statements in the art room.

This post was originally started 4/14/14

All I wrote was the title of this post (too).  It seems like it could be a pretty good post.

If you haven't read "Teaching with Love & Logic" and you are struggling with relationships with your students, read it.

If you haven't read "The First Days of School" by Harry K. Wong, you should.  On the surface it doesn't seem applicable to special area teachers, but it is.

and finally if you are saying:
 "You need to clean up your mess!" 
"You need to make that part black."  
"You need to come to class on time"

I'm going to need you to turn those into "I" statements:
"I need you to clean up your mess, please"
"I would like you to color that part black, please"
"I like it when you come to class on time. Thank-you"

I'm not sure if this came from "Teaching with Love & Logic" or not, but this makes all the difference in gaining student respect.

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