Monday, January 26, 2015

Draft Folder Clean-UP: Perfect Square by Michael Hall

This post was originally from 5/22/14

It was blank...

Perfect Square by Michael Hall is a little picture book.  The artist/illustrator takes us through a week in a square's life.. It gets torn, crumpled, poked, cut, etc.  After each manipulation, it gets turned into something wonderful, like a fountain, or a bridge.

I recently read this book to my K-2 after school art enrichment class.  We had about 20 minutes left, and this ended up being a perfect mini-lesson.  We read the book.  We each got a square piece of construction paper and cut, tore, and poked it for about 5 minutes.  Then, I asked students to "play" with their scraps like they would play with blocks.  What could you build?  After 5-10 minutes of that (clearing away after each design) students glued their final piece down.  It was kind of cute, the kids had fun, and the scraps made a huge mess.

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