Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hand Lettering Brainstorm Pages: and resources to learn and teach hand lettering.

 I have so many ideas for cool graphic design projects, but we are usually limited to making them by hand. The students struggle with the text.  I've used this as an opportunity to teach a little about hand lettering.
The hand lettering brainstorm packet are just examples I curated off a Google search (sorry, I don't know where they came from).  My K-5 students need to see fancy letters to be able to make them, and the packet is a good start.
I have used a few resources for teaching (and learning!) hand lettering too.
I like this book, Creative Lettering.  It shows how several artists have designed and made cool letters (mostly by hand).  It is fun to try to copy some and learn a few different techniques.
I also own this old book, The Scrapbooker's Book of Alphabets.  I actually picked this up at a garage sale  years ago.  It is perfect for kids to give their projects a little snazzy writing

I also have a page available for download on TeachersPayTeachers on handwritten fonts.  This is a quick way to supplement some fancy writing in projects, plus I have a "How to Write Your Name Graffiti Style" also available.

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