Friday, November 14, 2014

Dia de los Muertos: Fifth Grade Tin Ornaments

This project goes waaaaaaay back to the days of my undergrad back at EIU.  I remember attending a workshop at the Tarble Arts Center where we made some tin ornaments inspired by Mexican Folk Artists.   It was kind of involved.  I remember using tin snips, sharp edges, and the colors we used were stinky and intense.  I totally modified over the years for fifth grade.

This lesson was an integration of our Hispanic Heritage Month and Day of the Dead Studies.  In the past I would also integrate with the students' studies of anatomy, but I do not even know what grade they teach that in anymore.

Yes, corner sun.  That is how you get  used as an example on this blog.

Students drew their festive skeleton on paper first.  We taped our paper to thin aluminum and traced our pencil lines.  We had newspaper place mats underneath to give the metal some give.  Then, we used a plastic stylus and traced one. more. time. directly onto the metal. We added a decorative border and colored with sharpies.  Finally, we added a fun mat of construction paper and GLITTER!

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